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A Little About Us

My name is Debbie Buckler and I am the owner of The Foxy Fish restaurant, along with my husband David. We are here for you and look forward to serving you!

Our Experience

Seafood, seafood, seafood - that is what St. Mary's County is all about. So here we are opening The Foxy Fish seafood restaurant. My restaurant experience started at the age of 14 working for my mom and dad, the original owners and operators of Bert's 50's Diner. I started as a cashier, learned the kitchen, did everything required to run the restaurant and eventually became the general manager. 

My husband also started at a young age working for his parents at their restaurant, Sandgates Inn. It was only natural that we would open our own restaurant. My dad was a big believer in being "the host with the most". I remember him saying every day, "Take care of my customers!"  Good customer service was very important to him and to us as well. Dad had a heavy hand when it came to the food portions. If we are fortunate enough to have you as a customer and as a friend, you will see for yourself that the portion size is abodonza and quality is very important to us! Buy the best and prepare it with love, and you will see the customer return.

We intend to strive to do all of these things at The Foxy Fish. We are very excited to open The Foxy Fish and look forward to serving you!